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SEB Gallery 06.06.2003-04.07.2003


Almost sleeping

Ado Lill, one of the most important contemporary artists in Estonia, exhibits his nudes.

Nude drawing is already so much soaked with traditions that the mentioned genre being \"classics\" seems to be inevitable. Exact following of the nature, translating of body lines onto paper, drawing out of  the elaboration of postures - these are attributes that are thrown in front of students, who have the desire to become artists. Because when you manage to draw a nude, you manage with everything.

Ado Lill is indisputably one of the great names of the modern Estonian art. In case of Lill, who rarely participates at exhibitions, but then does it in a more powerful manner, can be sure that each new exhibition promises to be an event in the artistic world. As a self-educated person he steps out both from the generation and school-related serfdom and can afford the liberty to approach art in the manner he personally wants to. Being free from all possible hindrances, terms and expectations, Lill was able to create in the manner he personally regarded right.

In the end of 1950ies ropes around art gradually started to loosen up and it was possible to \"talk clean \" several artistic phenomena. Still, there remained one artistic style that already in the beginning of the 1960ies was the biggest of all possible sins - it was abstract art. All over the world abstractionism was at its peak and it was regarded to be the top of modernistic art model, as abstractionism centers only on the added values of a painting and gives up depicting of something, as this \"depiction of something\" could turn out to be too afflicting. But in the eyes of the Soviet officialdom it was copying of the Soviet reality in a painting that was something to aspire to. Abstractionism? No, thanks.

Ado Lill and abstractionism already seem to be unseparable notions. As an artist, studying continuously colours and forms, perceptions and cognition of the world, Lill has simultaneously received the name of a stander-by and the attention of the artistic world, which is proved by several prizes.Nude drawings, being exposed at the present exhibition, show us from an unexpected angle the well-forgotten truth: in order to be an abstractionist, you must also be excellent in genres, requiring \"closeness to nature\". Still, even in case of nudes, Lill has remained true to the tradition to be different. The line that the artist uses, does not copy exactly the reality, but disappears slightly into the surroundings. Rather slightly misty than too clear, rather hiding a secret that revealing it. A line half-asleep. No need to wake it up.

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