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The authenticity of the pieces of art is certified by official documents. Any concerns about authenticity or the technical condition of works can be sent to Haus Gallery within 5 days after the auction.


The selected works will be displayed at Haus Gallery on exhibition for two to four weeks prior to the auction. The artworks will be available for viewing also on our website at during this time. Pre-purchase consultations and additional information about the auction procedure can also be provided upon request.


It is possible to participate in the auction in the gallery, online, as well as by phone or in writing. Participants (prospective bidders) must register for the auction in writing by filling in and signing the registration form and paying a registration fee of 50 EUR. Registration forms are available in the gallery as well as on the Haus Gallery website and by e-mail upon request. The registration fee guarantees safe participation in the auction by avoiding external parties and also includes the print catalog for the auction. The information entered on the registration form is necessary to confirm the identity of the buyer and to facilitate settlements before and after the auction. The organizer guarantees the confidentiality of the participant's personal data. After registration the participant will be notified of the bidding number at the auction, by which they will participate in the auction and will also be identified as an online, written or telephone bidder.



Bidding for the auction artworks opens chronologically according to the order in the catalogue. The bids are faciliated on site by the auctioneer who calls out the initial price and the final price and solves all bidding-related questions during the auctions. The participant signals their bids at the auction by lifting the bidding number. The bidding steps are as follows: Until 1000 EUR - 50 EUR; 1000 to 3000 EUR - 100 EUR; 3000 to 5000 EUR - 200 EUR; 5000 to 10 000 EUR - 300 EUR; 10 000 to 50 000 EUR - 500 EUR; from 50 000 EUR - 1000 EUR; from 70 000 EUR - 3000 EUR and from 100 000 EUR - 5000 EUR. Bidding can exceed the allocated step but should be done in full hundreds. The final bid will be called out by the auctioneer and registered by the auction secretaries.



Artworks that are purchased from the auction can be paid for either in cash, by transfer or by card. Every buyer is issued a corresponding contractual invoice from the auction secretariat. The purchased auction works must be paid within 5 days after the auction date. In case of paying in cash or with a card the buyer receives the painting immediately after finalizing the payment. In case of paying by bank transfer the buyer must present a copy of the payment in order to receive the artwork(s). According to standard international auction practice, in addition to the hammer price the buyer is obliged to pay a 10% buyer's premium that is added to the hammer price. All final bids are registered and invoices compiled by auction secretaries.