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FROM THE SERIES - ART COLLECTORS - Private collection of Jose Corominas. A classic of Estonian modern art.

Private collection of Jose Corominas. A classic of Estonian modern art.

Haus Gallery presents the continuing exhibition series ART COLLECTORS to the public to look into the back rooms of our private collectors. Here we delve into the classics of Estonian modern art through the private collection of Jose Corominas, who has lived in Estonia for the past 20 years and has been collecting Estonian art. In most cases, art collectors are individuals who remain in the shadow and do not want to reveal themselves. However, there are also philanthropists who act more grandiosely in promoting art, organizing exhibition series about their collections or creating private museums that attract the attention of the public and also bring their own personality to public interest. Jose Corominas is open to show his art collection. The director of the film is Nando Grancelli, the curator and the text is read by Piia Ausman.


Video is in Estonian. Auto-generated English subtitles can be added.

To highlight Haus Gallery's 26th year of auction tradition, the gallery has opened an auction showroom, which pays attention to valuable works of art throughout the year. Today, we have set up an exhibition of the works coming to Haus Gallery's 2023 spring auction to first present a small but meaningful view of Estonian art history.

In the context of auctions, the showroom presents rare and valued works from authors such as Konrad Mägi, whose work that dates back to 1914 - 1916 culminates to a genuine post-impressionistic technique, which captivates the viewer with an extraordinary intensity of color. You can also find here an early painting experiment from 1935 by Kaarel Liimandi, a sensitive impression of early spring created in 1941 by Johannes Võerahansu, a figural composition with a view of a densely painted beach village from 1945 by Richard Sagrits, as well as a sensitive view of a tulip bouquet from 1974 by Peeter Mudist and so much more. If you are interested, you will have to come to Haus Gallery to see these works, as our exhibitions will open in full both on the website and on the gallery walls at the beginning of April.


Introduction with English subtitles

Duration: 1h 9:24

Haus Gallery has been organizing art auctions for 25 years and acquired an important art-educational purpose. The Spring 2022 Earlier Art Classics Auction selection will be remembered through a cinematic overview, where the auction works are presented both by chapters and individually. This is an extensive and thorough insight into the creation of the older generation of Estonian artists. The accompanying texts in Estonian are written by art historian Eero Epner and curator Piia Ausman, who also presents the artworks in the following film. Concept and realization of the film by Nando Grancelli.

Haus Gallery 2022 Spring Auction

Earlier Art Classics film presentation - an indepth look into the auction selection

Video with English subtitles

Duration: 0:45

The "Standing Nude" by artist Sigrid Uiga presents a Pallas-esque sense of nostalgia, although the year in which the painting has been completed is already deep within the Soviet era. The artwork is painted in soft, impressionistic tones, where the nude blends into the background bearing a state of discreetly charming restraint. Text by art historian Eero Epner, read by curator Piia Ausman, directed by Nando Grancelli.

Haus Gallery Spring Auction 2020 short film

Duration: 2:22

This short film presents a selection of artworks available at Haus Gallery Spring Auction 2020. Estonian art is notably diverse and it has been a part of the most significant international art movements. This spring's auction offers an overview of Estonian history through the eyes of the most talented artists, featuring artworks from the beginning of the 20th century up until the start of the 21th century. The curator of the auction is Piia Ausman.


Duration: 3:10

Trailer for Haus Gallery's 2021 Fall Auction Season. The film introduces a selection of works from the Estonian Earlier Art Classics Auction. The artworks come to life on screen and through imagination. A view of Estonian nature, cityscapes, people, and moments in life.


Duration: 2:18

A look into the auction selections of Estonian Earlier Art Classics and Estonian Modern Art Classics held at Haus Gallery. Curated by Piia Ausman, film by Nando Grancelli.


Duration: 17:06

Haus Gallery has been organizing exhibitions of fine art classics for almost a quarter of a century. This film is a fleeting but emotion-invoking walk through a dozen artworks from the 2020 Fall auction selection. The presented works mainly originate from the first half of the last century. Texts by art historian Eero Epner. Curator of the exhibition Piia Ausman has adapted and read the texts for the film,  and the author of the film clips is Haus Films with creative director Nando Grancelli.


Duration: 20 min

This is the recording of Haus Gallery’s first art broadcast. The first show was live on Saturday, 2nd of May 2020. The main theme of the first broadcast was our spring auction 2020. We have created art historical overviews and conducted interviews. We have looked back on Jüri Arrak’s exhibition, „Arrak in the 21st Century“, spoken with with Robert Reiter, a young art collector, gone into detail on Eduard Wiiralt’s technical prowess, and revealed our collection of Estonian printmaking classics, which can be viewed at our 24/7 auction platform,


Duration 2:40

Sensitive abstractions that move through the spaces of eternity, creating systems and dimensions in the language of the subconscious. Siim’s paintings are being dissected by a camera eye, inspired by Siim’s performance art as well as his paintings from the “Genesis” series, which seem to be moving across the edge of the universe as well.


Film duration 3:21 

Estonian Painters’ Association’s exhibition “Nude Painting at Haus Gallery” (curated by Tiina Tammetalu) has received a lot of attention from the public. As a homage to our renowned painters, Haus Galerii has created a short film that captures the exhibition, the ambience of the nudes, and more widely, the attitudes and opinions of the artists that created the pieces. We have interpreted nude painting in a vivacious manner. The author of the film is Nando Grancelli from Haus Films. We thank Estonian National Opera’s ballet dancer Karina Laura Leškin and the artists, who have given us the subject matter to showcase.

Richard Sagrits. The Meaningful Kadriorg

Richard Sagrits (1910–1968). Kadriorg Palace in Winter. 1958

Duration 1:32

Kadriorg Palace has been in the center of attention for ages in Estonia, as that place has been home both for art and the power of the state. This is the topic of this short film featuring Richard Sagrits’ painting. Texts by art historian Eero Epner, narration by Tarmo Song. The original art piece was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Ülo Sooster. A Flower and the Sun

Duration 1:19

A glimpse into Ülo Sooster’s multi-faceted world – dissident and avant-garde, ascetic yet full of creative courage. Sooster’s two-sided artwork with a flower and the sun intrigues and excites. The text for the clip has been provided by art expert Mai Levin, narrated by Lembit Peterson. The original art piece was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Priidu Aavik (1905–1991). Self-Portrait. 1948

Duration 1:55

The clip featuring Priidu Aavik’s self-portrait delivers the artist’s inner life in 1948, when Soviet censorship targeted towards the creative workers quickly harshened. The painting in meaningful in many ways. The text for the film has been written by art expert Mai Levin and narrated by actress Maria Peterson.  The original art piece was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Per William Petersen. Head and Tail

Duration 2:10

Trailer introducing “Head and Tail”, an upcoming exhibition at Haus Gallery. Per William Petersen, an artist who moved from Denmark to Estonia 13 years ago, presents his humorous sculptures. The exhibition was open 04.06.-29.06.2019.

Valdur Ohakas. A Nude from the Fire

Valdur Ohakas (1925–1998). Nude. 1960s

Duration 2:14

In 1991, right after Valdur Ohakas’ big retrospective, the artist’s home, where he kept all his artworks, caught fire. The majority of his works were destroyed. The text has been written by art historian Eero Epner. Narrated by Lembit Peterson. The original art piece was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Juhan Muks. Flowers

Juhan Muks (1899–1983). Flowers in a Blue Vase. 1970s to 1980s

Duration 1:46

Juhan Muks was well-known as an experimental painter. He liked trying different techniques and materials especially at the end of his career. Same with the painting in this video, which creates an airy atmosphere and plays with color. The texts for this film have been written by Eero Epner. Narrated by Piia Ausman. The original painting was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Head and Tail. Per William Petersen

Duration 2:11

A quirky short film on the subject of Danish-Estonian artist Per William Petersen’s ouevre. The main character and the narrator of the film is a sculpture created by the artist himself.

The Hidden Side

Toomas Kaasik’s photographs

Duration 4:55

This is a short film about photographer Toomas Kaasik and his picturesque style. The artist uses Smena 2, an old-school legendary analogue camera to this day. His photographs are a result of thorough handicraft. Kaasik’s favorite motifs are nature, city and nude. More than capturing reality, he prioritizes delivering feelings.

Nikolai Kull. Snowy Tallinn

Nikolai Kull (1894–1945). A View of Tallinn. 1930s

Duration 1:35

We are viewing Nikolai Kull’s Tallinn Town Hall Square in winter through the camera lens. We get immersed into the atmosphere of that day, delivered by the renowned artist’s brush strokes. The text for the film has been written by art historian Eero Epner. Narrated by Lembit Peterson. The original painting was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in spring 2019.

Karin Luts. Fisherwomen. 1948

Duration 2:13

Karin Luts went exile from Estonia during World War II. She had the conviction that her artworks belong to her home country. The painting “Fisherwomen” completed in 1948 in exile only came back to Estonia in spring 2019. This short film focuses on the artist’s work and technique. Texts for the film have been provided by art historian Eero Epner, narrated by artist Aili Vint.

Günther Reindorff. View of the Sea. 1926

Duration 2:33

This is a short film about a rare pastel painting by Günther Reindorff, who is mostly known for his highly detailed drawings and prints, dating back to 1926. The film closely observes a romantic introspection, where the flow of colors matter and where we can see Günther Reindorff in a new light. The film uses Günther Reindorff’s butterfly collection, which is now in the collection of Estonian Museum of Natural History, and Ravo Reidna’s family photo archive. Text by Eero Epner, narration by Siim-Tanel Annus.

Johann Köler. The Cursing of Lorelei by the Monks. 1887

Duration 3:27

The collection of Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in fall 2019 included a rare Johann Köler drawing, a preliminary drawing of his painting  “The Cursing of Lorelei by the Monks”, which is currently displayed at the permanent exhibiiton of Estonian Art Museum. This short film has been created in cooperation with Alar Nurkse, Estonian Art Museum’s conservator and expert, who is also the voice in the film.

Jüri Arrak. Still life. 1965

Duration 2:21

Haus Gallery in introducing Estonian art classics. This Jüri Arrak’s early artwork dates way back to his studies at the art academy. In this short film, Jüri Arrak talks about this art piece and its backstory. The painting was featured in Haus Gallery’s classic art auction in fall 2019.

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