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Toomas Vint

05.03.1944 Tallinn

Toomas Vint’s enchanting works, which are recognizable in a good way, have every detail exactly composed, every blade of grass and corner of light has been thought through – analysis, which results in a metaphysically affecting painting, spiritual ideal landscape experience, where everything seems clean and forever unimpaired. The phenomenal exquisiteness of the artist has fed the ardour of the art researchers and the audience, his so called not-from-this-world-landscape rises above the usual landscape.


Toomas Vint Kadakamaastik 1983. Oil, canvas 65.5 x 89.5 cm (framed) price 3 300
Toomas Vint Linnapark 2000. oil, canvas 55 x 70 cm (framed) price 3 900
Parkmetsa algus
Toomas Vint Parkmetsa algus 2019. oil, canvas 80 x 100 cm (framed) price 6 000
Toomas Vint Vareskaer 2018. oil, canvas 50 x 60 cm (framed) price 2 300
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