We have created a new, more diverse, exhibition programme! Previously, the upper floor exhibitions of our gallery were mostly composed of works by different artists or reserved for exhibiting the art classics included in our semiannual auctions. Now, the whole floor is dedicated to showcasing a more personal side of art. 

We are displaying works by a single artist. The exhibitions are set around a specific theme and follow a clear timeline. This creates a more explicit opportunity to connect with the artist and their work. These types of more personal exhibitions will of course continue on the lower floor of our gallery where the more intimate atmosphere of the cellar invites the eye and mind to wander on art’s horizon. 

The first exhibition of the season on our upper floor is a retrospective of Toomas Kaasik who is acknowledged as one of our most picturesque photographers. Most of the photos originate from the end of last century, covering both 80s and 90s, but the selection also incorporates a few works from last year. These pictures communicate the more recent emotions of the artist. 


Until the 3rd of October, guests have the opportunity to visit our lower floor exhibition where we honour the late and influential Tõnis Vint. See more about our STRUCTURE AND POETRY OF FREEDOM exhibition HERE

Come and explore our landscape of art!