This Spring we are delving deeper into art, considering a growing interest in art as well as our collectioners’ wishes and suggestions. Contrary to the usual – one vast and dignified art auction at once, involving works from the beginning of our art historical years until today – this time we will have two spectacular auctions on two consecutive days.

The first auction will be dedicated to artworks from the older Estonian classics’ period and limited to the 1950s and 60s. The second auction concentrates on the most prestigious names from Estonian modern classics, mostly works from the 1980s and 90s, but also later creations.

The older classics’ auction will take place on Friday the 7th of May. The modern classics’ auction will take place on Saturday the 8th of May. Time stamps and details will be specified.

Splitting a vast selection of works on auction into two is definitely more comfortable for keeping track and bidding. The amount of works in one exposition will be more compact than usual, and the two auctions will be much more practical time-wise. Participation will still be possible in person, by phone, by written offers in advance, or through our tried and tested online platform.

To inspire a more lively and dynamic bidding process and to take aboard our buyers’ requests, we have also regulated the steps of bidding to become larger from a certain point to provide a boost to the sometimes languid finalization of a lot.

We are developing a strong selection of works, offers from private collections and artists are welcome!

This time we will be publishing artworks step by step. Usually we have revealed the full selection about three weeks before the auction takes place, but now we provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the works at another pace, long before the actual bidding takes place. You can enjoy the pieces as they appear on our site, already from February, and be involved in the process of selection as the auctions draw closer.

Every work of art at the Haus Gallery auction is an event in itself, every picture has their own story and reason for having been selected into the carefully curated assortment and we want to dedicate focus to each work and author more thoroughly than before. We will be publishing short introductory film clips and provide an art historical text as per usual by art historian Eero Epner and curator Piia Ausman for every work of art.

Visiting procedures due to public health requirements!

Haus Gallery asks everyone interested in visiting the gallery to please let us know in advance. This way we can agree upon the most suitable and private appointment during these times:

Mon - Fri: 11 - 18, Sat: 11 - 16.

6419471, 5277334

Please wear a mask in the gallery and stay healthy!

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