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Uno Roosvalt

22.08.1941 Tallinnas

Uno Roosvalt has graduated Tartu Art School and State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR as a painter. In 1969–2012, he worked as a lecturer in Estonian Academy of Arts and started participating in exhibitions in 1968. Roosvalt has won many prizes, including the Konrad Mägi Award, his art has been collected by Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum and Tallinn Art Hall. The artist is a prolific book illustrator, he has also created landscapes, marine paintings and prints, grandiose oil paintings and unique drawings that captivate with their black-and-white color scheme with some color mixed in. Roosvalt’s work balances between realism and abstractionism. He is especially fond of islands and their shorelines, he is one of the few authors who has always remained true to what he is best at, in spite of the current fashions.
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