29.11 – 29.12.2018 at Haus Gallery

This year, the grand old lady of Estonian graphics, Vive Tolli, celebrated her 90th jubilee. Haus Gallery is inviting everyone to participate in the compendious exhibition with gratitude and appreciation in the last month of the year: “Alati Teie, Vive Tolli”.

Vive Tolli has had a dedicated attitude towards her talent as the ultimate present, which has helped her to create presents for all of us – amazing, enchanting works of art which absorb you through life and times.

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628.t1.jpg Maarit Murka in the Maakri Quarter

Haus Gallery presents: Maarit Murka in the Maakri Quarter (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn)

Maarit Murka’s works convey personal and social stories, often through the small prism of irony. Her "MindRoom" and "Out of Context" series of paintings deal with these topics more broadly and abstractly than before, while at the same time preserving the filigree finish, massive impact and effective aesthetics that are inherent to the author.

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625.t1.jpg The Actual and the Other: Liivia Leškin

Design and Architecture Gallery 20 November - 1 December, 2018

Exhibition curator, Piia Ausman, Haus Gallery:

Which is more real: the one they know or the one we deem ourselves to be? Who are these two “personalities” who keep seeking each other time and again? The pathway between the two is the road of life, filled with a rendezvous with the self. Hello, Liivia! So who are you? The change, the transformation, the advancement! A person’s life as a story of several, occasionally different-looking personalities - interpretations, emotions, art.

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624.t1.jpg EST. Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Painters’ Association

Haus Gallery 08.11.2018-01.12.2018

The traditional annual exhibition of the Estonian Painters’ Association at Haus Gallery this time deals with symbols, signs, beings, views, habits and non-habits, which are related to Estonia. Artworks are inspired by social phenomena in Estonia but formed in a personal antisocial way common for creative peole; not by illustrating, but by analysing what is happening or has happened during the revival of a 100-year old country.

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621.t1.jpg Join us for an auction exhibition!

Haus Gallery’s art auction is taking place at 20.00 on Thursday, 1 November, in the rooms of the Gallery.  The auction exhibition has been open since the beginning of October. This time, the works have been on display for a longer period of time than usual. Since the selection is so grand in terms of art history and exceptional works, Haus found that it was necessary to exhibit them for a longer period of time, before the works are once again hidden away in private collections.

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619.t1.jpg Jaan Elken. Hluhluwe

On Tuesday, 9 October at 17.00, Haus Gallery opens a painting exhibition of Jaan Elken “Hluhluwe”.

The focus of the exhibition is on perished / decayed forest. To gain new inspiration, the artist visited territories where forest, which was cultivated as a crop, grew on an area of hundreds and thousands of square kilometres. But the activator was another type of nature – far away from the world of stylists and navigators from artificial environment, Elken redefined his position as an author, which is now declared as solid lands and stone deserts.

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617.t1.jpg Autumn Auction on 1st November

Art auctions – where does the value and magic of art lie?

Piia Ausman with 21 years of experience with art as the founder of Haus Galerii.

This autumn, the art auction of Haus Galerii will be held on 1 November at 8 PM in the gallery’s premises located in the Old Town of Tallinn. Besides the auction exhibition opening on 5th October, the auction works can also be browsed on the gallery’s website here.

On the picture: Endel Kõks. Kaks moosekanti (Pierrot ja Arlekiin).

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613.t1.jpg Jaan Rõõmus. Visually pregnant

Since Monday, 10 September, the exhibition “Visually pregnant”, dedicated to the 75th birthday of photographer Jaan Rõõmus, will open at Haus Gallery, covering his documentary photography as well as innovative artistic-technical experiments.

On the picture: Jaan Rõõmus. Junipers

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611.t1.jpg Interview with Jaanus Vaiksoo and Jüri Mildeberg

The presentation of Jaanus Vaiksoo’s new book Loode-Eesti Regionaalhaigla Elulood and the exhibition of Jüri Mildeberg’s witty illustrations took place on Tuesday, 7 August 2018, in Haus Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until 8 September, with it also being possible to review and purchase the book from the gallery.

The collection of poetry and prose published to date by writer and literary historian Jaanus Vaiksoo is quite impressive in terms of the volume. Book illustrator and painter Jüri Mildeberg has been delighting us with his creations for more than 20 years. His work is enriching homes in Estonia and elsewhere around the world. With the help of Terje Metsavas, Haus Gallery is taking a look into the stories behind the fresh creation from and cooperation between two friends.

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602.t1.jpg EMPIRE II. Moving Images from Great Britain

On Tuesday, 11 June at 16.00-21.00 Haus Gallery opens an exhibition of EMPIRE II, an artists led project devised and curated by Vanya Balogh for 57th La Biennale di Venezia. We are delighted to announce new event and screening dates for EMPIRE II taking place across Europe in summer, autumn and winter of 2018.

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599.t1.jpg Kiwa's graphics at Maakri Quarter

Beginning on 28 May, a series of graphic prints by Kiwa entitled “spiral of void” will be on display at the newly-built lobby in the Maakri Quarter, organised in cooperation with Haus Gallery. The series has an almost therapeutic effect in the office environment, liberating one from the gruelling burden of emotions and balancing the perpetual clockwork of consciousness. Just like the Maakri Quarter preserves and highlights historical architecture, this series pays homage to the concrete poetry of one of the promoters of the local avant-garde, Raul Meel. 

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597.t1.jpg Jubilee Spring at Art Hall: Künnapu, Nukke, Murka

This year’s spring exhibition of artists’ union involves also galleries. Haus Gallery will present works by August Künnapu, Mall Nukke and Maarit Murka who all are related to the gallery through regular exhibitions and fair activity. Works can be seen at Tallinn Art Hall and Haus Gallery’s website:

August Künnapu. Horses. 2017 (on the picture)

Mall Nukke. Exercises with Blue. 2017

Maarit Murka. Mindroom 9. 2017

The autor of the following press release is Tallinn Art Hall

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591.t1.jpg Art fragments of spring auction: Ferdi Sannamees

Dear Art Lover,

Ceramic sculpture has its own rightful place among the paintings and graphics auctioned off this spring at Haus Gallery. This is to introduce sculptor Ferdi Sannamees and his work “Crying woman” (1943).

Ferdi Sannamees (1895–1963) was born in Otepää Parish. He studied painting at the Konrad Mägi studio in Tartu in 1918–19 and painting and graphic art at the art school Pallas in 1919–24. After that he studied sculpture with A. Starkopf and V. Mellik and later furthered his education in Dresden and Paris. In the then small community of sculptors, Sannamees soon took the leading role, which he kept until the end of his life.

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589.t1.jpg Art fragments of spring auction: Aino Bach

Dear Art Lover!

We have now moved on from painting to printmaking in presenting the works that will be featured in the auction.

Aino Bach (1901 – 1980) was among the most beloved Estonian female printmakers, who studied under both Nikolai Triik and Ado Vabbe. She was among the most talented creators of Pallas in the area of intaglio printing, but also skilled in monotype, already achieving success before the Second World War. During the war she lived with the artist collective of Yaroslavl, Russia, and after the war in Tartu and Tallinn. Her favourite topics were workers and intelligentsia and contemplative female types, who represented either a trade or were observable as an independent idea of something poetic, even “utopian poetic”, if going by the legendary art critic Boris Bernstein.

On the picture: Aino Bach. Portrait of a Girl. 1976

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588.t1.jpg Art fragments of spring auction: Lepo Mikko

Dear Art Lover!

We will continue to introduce renowned artists during the auction week. This time, Lepo Mikko and his oil painting “Still life with a basket” are under the microscope.

Lepo Mikko (1911–1978) graduated from the Higher Art School in 1939, being among the most gifted students of the school. There are not many artists in Estonian art history that survived radical changes in political regimes, reflecting each change sensitively in his creations.

On the picture: Lepo Mikko. Still life with a basket. 1962.

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586.t1.jpg Art fragments of spring auction: Aleksander Kulkoff

Dear Art Lover!

On the eve of Haus Gallery’s Spring Auction, we are continuing with our series of stories about paintings, with our subject this time being Aleksander Kulkoff.

Aleksander Kulkoff (1899-1970) was one of the most intriguing Russian painters to have lived in Estonia. He was born in Moscow, into the family of a banker, and received his education there at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Kulkoff is associated with art life in Estonia because, following his service in the Finnish Army, he settled in Estonia in 1918.

On the picture: Aleksander Kulkoff. Portrait of a Lady. 1929.

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585.t1.jpg Art fragments of spring auction: Johannes Võerahansu

Dear Art Lover!

In honour of the arrival of our Spring Auction we are discussing Johannes Võerahansu as a part of our continuing series of art fragments.

Johannes Võerahansu’s (1902-1980) art education began at Ants Laikmaa’s studio school, but was interrupted due to financial reasons, when the artist began to work at his father’s home in agriculture and construction, grinding flour in the rented mill, painting decorations in the theatre and pouring forms in a ceramics factory. Võerahansu hadn’t put down his paint brush for good though, he returned to school a dozen years later, this time under the instruction of Ado Vabbe at Pallas.

On the picture: Johannes Võerahansu. Self-portrait. 1953

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