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Arne Maasik at Maakri Quarter


This time at Maakri Quarter (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn) Haus Gallery presents works by Arne Maasik – his allegorically accorded series “Tangles” and “NYC”. While at first glance, “Tangles” seems to be classified under nature photography, it does not fall there in the usual sense. Instead, it can be compared to author’s style of capturing architectural shapes, where the attention is on the sterile and monotonous, sometimes even dull and straining structures, which begins to speak from the inside, gets tangled within itself and ages as a result, only to begin gasping for air after having emerged from the ordeal. The same kind of tangled feeling can be sensed in case of the complicated cross-section of NYC.

This kind of combination is spiced with a quick hook to Paris, Latin Quarter that is known for well-established schools and student riots as well as for boulevards bordered with bookshops and cafes.

Arne Maasik (1971) completed his Master’s studies at the architectural department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. He is renowned as both an architect and a photographer having been equally busy in both of these fields, relates the ordered rhythms of architecture to photography and loves to photograph cities, although he has also found his signature in the primordial essence of nature. Arne Maasik handles photography through his own characteraphy through his own characteristic existential point of view, which is amplified by refined subjects of his choice as well as clets of his choice as well as clean compositions.

This spring Arne Maasik and Heie Marie Treier were rewarded with the Kristjan Raud award for making a ground research in architecture of Louis Kahn – the work that was represented in New York as well.

Photos by Arne Maasik can be viewed at Maakri Quarter as well as on gallery's webpage here.

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