Let’s get together! There’s a very good reason for us to do so, since the exhibition Kokkusaamised (Encounters) is open upstairs at Haus Gallery for us to enjoy.  Three artists – Per William Petersen, Sirje Petersen and Ivar Kaasik – whose works are displayed on the Gallery’s walls, step into the conversation.  

Ivar Kaasik’s realistic seascapes bring a meditative distance to the Gallery. Works performed using an extremely refined painting technique, with their gently optical effect, capture one’s gaze and senses for a long period of time, creating sensations between the harmonious meeting of the water and sky.

Per William Petersen’s paintings, which are accompanying his sculpture exhibition Pea ja Saba (Head and Tail), which is on display downstairs in the Gallery, are completely mathematical. Per’s works are inspired by relationships. Through the interlacing of geometric shapes, the artist humorously and decoratively discusses the different states of relationships – introduction, withdrawal and reunion. 

Sirje Petersen’s large format painting Sensuaalne (Sensual) serves as a complement between the sea and geometry. The work is notable, since it won the audience prize at this spring’s highly successful annual exhibition of the Estonian Artists' Association. An emotional female figure is depicted in the Haus exhibition work Encounters, serving as a binding character between the world created by two male artists. Immersed in herself, she walks along Ivar Kaasik’s coastline, entering as one party into the geometric painted space of Per Petersen’s work depicting the formulae of relationships. 

The exhibitions at Haus Gallery are open until the end of June. 

We will be on summer holiday from 1 July to 1 August. 

Wishing you beautiful encounters with art! 



Sirje Petersen. Being. 2019. Oil, canvas. 200 x 140 cm



Ivar Kaasik. Calm Sea. 2018. Oil, canvas. 90 x 100


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