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Glass Art Exhibition "Accordance. Glass in Space"


On Friday, 8 February at 17.00, Accordance – the traditional exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists' Union – will open at the Haus Gallery, this year carrying the subtitle of Glass in Space.

If glass art has so far been displayed together in a single exhibition hall with the gallery’s permanent exhibitions, in order to create a dialogue between different forms of art, then this year viewers will get the chance to enjoy glass art in a separate hall, and the focus will be on the impact of a glass object in space.

A bridge or concordance, between the paintings, graphics and photos on display at the gallery, is created rather notionally or symbolically with the help of the staircase connecting the two floors. Haus Gallery is oriented towards an audience that respects fine art, with which context on the part of the institution has been created. Many different directions have developed in Estonian glass art. One of them is classified in the field of visual arts and deals with the same problems as modern fine arts. In this way, glass material is like canvas, paper, clay or any other tool to an artist. The exhibition is based on a principle where there is no single binding concept. The audience is presented with the opportunity to view the glass works as a creation of every artist's personal message, similarly to the art displayed on the first floor of Haus Gallery. The selection of works is also based on the prerequisite that every work can be handled as an object which has the potential to resonate with modern internal architecture and illustrate living or office spaces not as a design element but as an independent work of art.

Estonian Glass Artists' Union's exhibitions at Haus Gallery are dedicated to the independence day of the Republic of Estonia, this year the exhibition series Accordance is taking place for the sixth time. You can immediately purchase a work that you like for your home or office from the exhibition popular amongst visitors.

Participants in the exhibition include: Kairi Orgusaar, Ivo Lill, Piret Ellamaa, Kati Kerstna, Merle Kannus, Kateriin Rikken and Sofi Aršas (exhibition curator).

The exhibition Accordance. Glass in Space will remain open at Haus Gallery until 5 March 2019.

A selection from the exhibited works can be seen on our webpage here and in the video below:


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