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Maarit Murka in the Maakri Quarter


Haus Gallery presents: Maarit Murka in the Maakri Quarter (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn)

Maarit Murka’s works convey personal and social stories, often through the small prism of irony. Her "MindRoom" and "Out of Context" series of paintings deal with these topics more broadly and abstractly than before, while at the same time preserving the filigree finish, massive impact and effective aesthetics that are inherent to the author.

The condition of the human spirit has never been as distracted as it is today. To be connected at every moment, and at the same time separated from the most primitive of social and natural elements, is a part of the lifestyle of the new generation. People want to control everything, including nature, however without sensing those primeval parts, it is an impossible task. By accepting the illusory nature of art and one’s own habits, we simultaneously acknowledge that we are not in control of reality, but are only a part of it. Murka’s paintings express this understanding, playing with perception and the breaking of space.

The artist’s graphic arts series – "Positions" and "Welcome to" – are visually more modest, but more revealing in terms of content, referencing the intrigues of contemporary society. The first depicts conscious and unconscious zest, with the help of which one is able to both assert themselves and make themselves heard; the second acts in a more introverted, silent and soothing manner.

Maarit Murka’s paintings and graphic art works will remain on display at the Maakri Quarter (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn) until the spring of 2019. If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact Haus Gallery.

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