On Friday, the 6th of December at 5pm, Mall Nukke opens her jubilee exhibition "Metamorphoses" at Haus Gallery. The music at the opening is provided by the band Kuusipaala: Aleksandr Kohhantšuk on guitar and Jevgeni Berezovski on percussion.

Mall Nukke asks existential questions on the occasion of her jubilee, presented in her own ironic way. Encountering chance, disappearing, transitioning, questioning the nature of nature – these things touch us all. The artist looks simultaneously into the past and into the future. Profound universal themes are juxtaposed with trivial everyday images – yes, the uncertainty of space looks us into the eye even when we are not aware of it. If persistence is an illusion, does the image of human give the human an eternal meaning? If so, does that meaning matter?

Mall Nukke (b. 1964) is a printmaker, painter and installation artist, whose oeuvre have undercurrents of photorealism, pop art and irony. Nukke, who graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in 1992 as a printmaker, is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association, Estonian Painters’ Association and The Association of Estonian Printmakers. She has held solo exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, and she has participated in group exhibitions around the world. The artist’s works have been acquired by Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum, Viinistu Art Museum, Rauma City Museum in Finland, the Sadolin Art Collection, Vexi Salmi’s art collection and Nef Gallery in Kiev.

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