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Structure and Poetry of Freedom


Haus Gallery 03.09.2019-03.10.2019

Freedom is the space where the artist has a chance to create and put emphasis on the varieties of the world through their own unique viewpoint. The freedom to create – that is an immense joy.

The group Studio 22 emerged in the beginning of the 1970s. Free-form lectures held at Tõnis Vint’s house became a learning platform for many artists. New followers kept joining the group and the workshop over the years. Characteristic to Studio 22 was unorthodox approach to cultural heritage. The focus was on Tõnis Vint’s points of interest at the time – geometric symbolism of ancient cultures, ornaments from folk art and the art of the Far East along with its philosphical aspect, especially I Ching. The thoughts exited into a timeless space, into new objectivity that manifested in its own visual artistic reality. Each artist found the visual language akin to their own nature.

The artists exhibitied at the exhibition at Haus Galerii are:  Tõnis Vint (1942-2019), Taavi Torim, Sven-Erik Stamberg, Raini Laide, Rainer Kurm, Riina Grethiel Leppoja, Mae Kivilo, Marge Viirg, Martin Vällik, Mauri Gross, Krista Leesi, Jaak Saks, Ingrid Järv, Eva Vint, Eneli Luiga and Aune Taamal.

Tõnis has now passed away. However, he could contribute previously during the preparations of this exhibition. Tõnis’ ouevre is unforgettable and his artistic marks have established themselves meaningfully into the depths of the local culture.


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