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The opening of Jüri Mildeberg's exhibition 'Unicorn and Tutti-Frutti' on Thursday, 5 December at 17:00 in Haus Galley, Uus tänav 17.

What would Christmas be without surprises, gimmicks and magic? This December in Haus Gallery, Jüri Mildeberg kicks off the festive month with mystery. His boxes and paintings hide within them eccentric characters. Through these joyful creations, Mildeberg makes sure to offer all of us some long-awaited Christmas wonder.

Unicorn is an enigmatic creature who holds the key to a rainbow-coloured world. Inside the gallery, visitors are greeted by mysterious boxes which are waiting to be opened. The exhibitons largely includes never-before-seen works but also some older creations.

Jüri Mildeberg (1965) is an Estonian painter and printmaker whose work has been exhibited in Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, France, US and Japan.

See the exhibition works HERE

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